Friday! Workout! Foundation Training

Friday Friday Friday…Thank goodness it’s Friday!! It’s been a long tough week. I am beat!
Have a few things to get done at office today, couple of clients, errands…still a lot to do,but maybe not so stressful.

Lets get to a workout!

First, do some FT poses. This is the premium way to stretch. I know I talk about it all the time…but this is simple the best and you just will accomplish so much with your body by doing them everyday!

Circuit 1: Split Squat-1-1/2 style- 30 sec each leg
DB Row- 30 sec each side
Eccentric PushUp- 30 sec (4 count going down)
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Circuit 2: Split Jumps-30 sec
Inchworm Push-ups-30 sec
Alternating Lateral Lunge-30 sec
Lateral Rows-30- sec
Jump Jack-30 sec
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Don’t forget…few more FT poses…you”ll feel good later!

Also, don’t forget: Oct 12 9am at TRAK on Lakeland Drive- FT Introduction!
Oct 26 at Flowood YMCA 5K…I’ll be there before the race helping the runners stretch before and after the race.
Don’t miss these opportunities to see what FOUNDATION TRAINING is about! FT works!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

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