Thur 10/03/13:
Our economy is struggling, our government is struggling, jobs are hard to find….especially jobs that pay decent, necessities at the grocery store continue to rise, insurance…that’s fixing to be a big giant mess, the United States of America is really losing it! I mean really, shutting down the government….REALLY?
I don’t usually discuss politics and I will not elaborate on this, but even I can see when the two parties cannot compromise…there is no where to go but down! They need to start compromising, coming up w/ solutions, put those people back to work and act like leaders instead of the arrogant, selfish, non caring people they are. They’re not going without pay, or medical care,or anything else.
This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE leadership!
I’ll go to my job today, pay my bills, do what I’m supposed to do and pray those supposed leaders get their act together TODAY!
Everyone hang on….

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