FOundation Training


I’ll be doing an introduction to Foundation Training Oct 12 at TRAK on Lakeland Drive.
I’ll be doing another one at the Flowood YMCA Fit to Lead 5k. I’ll be there early talking with runners and showing some FT exercises and stretching techniques.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is a series of exercises that stretch and strengthen your posterior chain of muscles. Posterior Chain is basically, your whole backside. We all have developed muscle imbalances through out our lives. This is what leads to all the aches and pains we develop over the years. FT can help identify and correct these imbalances….therefore greatly reducing our pain.

Don’t take pills, resort to surgery, stop doing activities because you hurt….Do something about it! Get up…learn about FT and change the way you move.

I’m in the process of developing some classes to be coming soon. For right now…show up for these introductions or message me about meeting you. FT works! It has changed the way I move and my life….It can change your too!

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