Wednesday Workout

Wed 10/30/13:
As always do a quick warm up and a few Foundation exercises.

Here’s a quick circuit…everyone says, no time to exercise! If you can’t MAKE time to do these short workouts….you just don’t want to workout.

Do each exercise for 30 sec…really give it good effort!
1. jog in place (knees up)
2. Bodyweight squats
3. Jump Jack
4. Inchworm
5. Jump rope (or fake jump rope)
6. Crossbody Mt Climb- (on side only)
7. Jump Jack
8. Crossbody Mt Climb-( the other side)
9. Jog in Place
10. Alternating Lateral Lunge

Repeat up to 5x….now feel good about yourself!

This is 5 minutes of exercise if you only do the circuit once. Like I said, if you can’t make 5 minutes…you just don’t want to exercise.
Lets get this done and have a great day!

Tuesday Instructions

Tue 10/29/13:
Lets get up and get on with Tuesday. Here’s a quick workout. Get moving, eat right and enjoy life!

Warm up with a little FOUNDATION TRAINING! Just pick 2 or 3 exercises and focus on them maybe 10 min total. Now, you’re ready to move.

One Big Circuit-
Jump Jack- 30 sec
Plank-30 sec
Jog in place-30 sec
FT Squat-30 sec
Bear Crawl-30 sec
Prisoner Lunge-30 sec each leg
Push-up-30 sec
Skater Hop-30 sec

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x if needed

Cool down…do a FOUNDER and BREATHE!
Eat Healthy and have a great day!


Talking to the people….Lets get it done!

Conquer Back Pain


Take a look at these muscles in the back. Notice how they attach to the top of your pelvis. There are more muscle in your glute are and your hamstrings that also attach to the lower end of you pelvis. When any of these muscle are tight they pull on the pelvis cause movement. FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about lengthening and strengthening these posterior chain muscles together. FT works wonders for back pain. Contact me to learn more about conquering your back pain.


Foundation Training at the YMCA 5 K

Sat 10/26/13:
Up early and getting ready to introduce some YMCA members and a lot of runners to Foundation Training! I love teaching this stuff.
If they only knew what I knew about how FT helps the body….!!! Hopefully, after today I’ll have some more people interested in
Learning all about it.





Foundation Training is going to unlock a lot of tightness in your body, free up for better movement, improve performance, relieve back pain, improve posture, and get people to use their posterior chain for movement.


Fri Oct 25,13:
Another tough week has passed. Looking forward to the weekend. Might have the first fire of the weekend here in Mississippi.
Tommorrow is the 5k at the Flowood YMCA. I’ll be there showing people a little bit about FOUNDATION TRAINING and why it works. Saw a story yesterday about a 71 year old gentleman who spends his days outside “moving”. He makes up little games
and physical activities that make him use his brain and his body. For example, something as simple as tossing a ball from one hand to the other…then increasing the difficulty. Going barefoot and stepping onto large stones, then jumping. Stepping over a hurdle, then jumping, then increasing the height. He even skateboards everyday. He works on his movement and balance. All this practice everyday keeps him strong, flexible, with good balance and helps his brain. He feels, young and alive. He realizes for senior adults if they stop moving…it’s a fast track to a fall, hip surgery, the nursing home! I’m on the same page with him. I preach to my senior clients everyday the importance of moving…just doing simple things will work. This story is one of the main reasons FOUNDATION TRAINING is so important foe Seniors. Learning to use the posterior chain in your everyday life is going to prevent falls. I promise!



Don’t forget the Flowood YMCA 5K This Sat Oct 26…there will also be a kids Y TRI- that will be fun to watch. Come do the walk or do the 5k run and bring the kids!
BACK PROBLEMS? Be there… Dr Cefalu will be on hand to explain why most of us have back pain and I’ll be there to show you how FOUNDATION TRAINING will conquer back pain. It works for me and it can work for you!
Gonna be a fun Saturday morning!!!