Weekend Results

Well last weekend of Sept just about over. Fun at day 2 of the couples golf tournament. My partner and I did not play anything close to the way we played yesterday. That’s the game of golf…ugh. We had the opportunity and the competition is always fun. We”ll show up for another one.
Ole Miss played really hard last night, but just had no offense. The SEC is just so tough and it was Alabama….hopefully, they leave that game feeling good about their defense…lots more games to play. Georgia and LSU are just plain scary the way they hit. That was a really good game to watch! I’m predicting Georgia in National Championship.
Have people really noticing my posts about FOUNDATION TRAINING. I know I talk about it a lot…that’s because it is Awsome!
I’ll keep talking about it and teaching it…it is going to help so many people feel better. Showed a few of the golfers today at the tournament. I did a few a soon as I got home….I hope the ones that know about FT do a few when they get home also. Lots more work to do on FT…but for now I’m resting and watching the NFL. Gotta get my self ready for work tommorrow.

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