San Francisco

Tue Sept 2,2013…is finally here. Leaving this morning for my trip to The Bay Area. Actually, I was born in Hayward Calif. and lived there as a small child, but have never been back as an adult.
I will be able to sight see a little and get one round of golf in before my FOUNDATION TRAINING workshop starts.
So, looking forward to learn in depth about this posture building/strengthening of the posterior chain of muscles. My back pain issues have decreased tremendously!!!! Yes, I still have disc degeneration, and some vertebrae issues…..and always will. Just the muscles attached to the spine and pelvis area are so much stronger and flexible….that I can pretty much be in control of my back. It is so Awesome!
Everyone stay tuned…I’ll be back soon. New private/group classes to come.
Nothing is more important in life than ones health!!! NOTHING!
Everyone out there….spend your money on a gym membership, a trainer, get outside and live, enjoy your family and friends, eat healthly. You can do a lot to save yourself from medical bills, pills,depression. If you CHOOSE to not take care of yourself now…. It will catch up with you.
Enough preaching for now….off I go. Everyone have a great day!

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