No Time To Waste

Monday 9/30/13: Oh my last day of Sept! Three more months in 2013! There is no time to waste…lets get out fit on. Commit to these last 3 months of the year to an exercise routine. After all this is the busiest time of year to overeat. You can do it.

Warm up with a FOUNDER…then a forward fold….then a lunge stretch. I’ll be showing some of these exercise Oct 12 at TRAK and again helping the runners out at FLOWOOD YMCA 5K on Oct 26.

Group 1: Squat into a front kick-15 reps
2. Side Plank w/a punch- 8 per side
3.jump Jack- 15 rep
Rest 30 sec if needed….Repeat 2x

Group 2: Reverse Lunge into a front kick- 8 per side
Push up into a jab/ punch-8 reps
Jump jack -15 reps
Rest 30 sec if needed…Repeat 2x

Do a few more FOUNDERS and now your ready for MONDAY!

Weekend Results

Well last weekend of Sept just about over. Fun at day 2 of the couples golf tournament. My partner and I did not play anything close to the way we played yesterday. That’s the game of golf…ugh. We had the opportunity and the competition is always fun. We”ll show up for another one.
Ole Miss played really hard last night, but just had no offense. The SEC is just so tough and it was Alabama….hopefully, they leave that game feeling good about their defense…lots more games to play. Georgia and LSU are just plain scary the way they hit. That was a really good game to watch! I’m predicting Georgia in National Championship.
Have people really noticing my posts about FOUNDATION TRAINING. I know I talk about it a lot…that’s because it is Awsome!
I’ll keep talking about it and teaching it…it is going to help so many people feel better. Showed a few of the golfers today at the tournament. I did a few a soon as I got home….I hope the ones that know about FT do a few when they get home also. Lots more work to do on FT…but for now I’m resting and watching the NFL. Gotta get my self ready for work tommorrow.

Catching Up

Sat 9/28/13: Saturday is here!!!! Lots going on this weekend.
First and foremost…going to get a short early walk in then a really good Foundation workout in. Have to get stretched out good for my golf tournament this morning. The Foundation Training Poses just lengthen my muscles out so well! After play today, home for some Ole Miss-vs-Ala football. I know on paper Alabama wins…but we all like the home team and the underdog. Lets go Rebels! Then mostly resting up for tommorrow to finish golf tournament….another early start. That’s my weekend….gonna be good!
Want to add I’m working on 2 Foundation Training Introductions. The first one will be Sat Oct 12 at the TRAK PERSONAL TRAINING Studio on Lakeland Drive. Probably around 9 am. Details will be finalized this coming week….so I’ll confirm this for everyone next week. The second one will be at the Flowood YMCA location at their annual FIT TO LEAD 5K Race. Rhonda, one of the YMCA Directors is putting together a healthy back campaign. This is an awesome idea…because almost everyone has some type of back pain. More details coming on this event also in the next week or so.
Foundation Training is the absolute best way to manage your back pain, tight hams and quads, muscle imbalances,and much more. Come check out these free introductions to Foundation Training! It works, it’s affordable, and your gonna feel great if you learn how to do it properly and practice FT daily.


Monday Mania

Mon 9/23/13: Monday, here again so fast. Lets just get to it. Get up, have that cup of Java, get your workout and breakfast in. Then head out to your job and kill it. That’s my plan for the day.

Warm up with a few FOUNDATION POSES…

Group 1: Burpees-30 sec
Reverse Lunge w/ a kick-30 sec ea side
Rest 1 min Repeat 2x

Group 2: Squat-30 sec
Bent Over DB Row-30 sec
Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x

Group 3: DB Curl into a Shld Press-30 sec ea arm
Wood Chops-30 sec
Rest 1 min Repeat 2x

Cool down, more Foundation Poses, eat healthy and have a good day!

3 Months Left

Sunday,Sept 22,2013…Happy Sunday! Beautiful weather here in Mississippi! Played a little golf this morning. Getting lunch ready and my meals for the week. Most important of all getting ready for my SAINTS game! Hope to be 3-0 by 3pm today!

I realize probably 90% of you who had promising resolutions back in January have probably quit. I can tell by my training room group on FB. Jan thru March people posting and talking it up. Come May, I really see it slowing down. After Memorial Day…I am pretty much the main person still posting. Here we are now coming into the last 3 months of the year…..people really get distracted this time of year. We have football games…that means football food and drinks, Halloween…sweets, Thanksgiving and Christmas…more food, drinks,and parties. I love all this stuff also…but all the more reason to dig in and get a daily workout in. Eat healthy during the week if you have a football outing on the weekend. Don’t say, I’ll start over in January!!! You can do a lot of damage during these last 3 months.

Come on everyone…dig in these last 3 months. Get to that gym, that walking trail. Do that bike race coming up, or 5k walk. You’ll be so happy Jan 1,2014 when your not 15 lbs heavier!

Have a great Sunday…and GEAUX SAINTS!


Tue sept 17,13: up early as usual. Had a decent day at the golf tournament. Hit the ball quite well…just don’t get enough putts to fall. The 82 I shot does not reflect how well I hit the ball! Not complaining though…opportunity was there.

Showed a lot of people some Foundation Training exercises. Everyone very receptive and feel everything I’m telling them about it. How to get people to take a series of classes in order to learn everything properly….then do the exercises everyday! I guess just keep talking and showing…then some things will open up.

Gotta go get ready for my second round. Back home this evening…then back to my regular schedule.

Get thru the day everyone!!

Foundation Training: Lets Feel Better

Mon 9/16!13: Saints win! What an ending to that football game yesterday. I still cannot believe they pulled that game out!!! The saints have a lot of work to do to get better. Way to many mistakes…and for Bree’s being a good quarterback…he throws to many interceptions!!!!!

On to a little health and fitness talk. I’m on the Ms Coast fixing to play in our Senior State Am golf tournament. Really nice weather also…hopefully 2 fun competitive days. Haven’t played much golf this year….always busy with my day job…then combine that with learning Foundation Training!

Foundation Training is for anyone…anytime…anywhere! I believe in these exercise! I do some of them everyday. The better I get at them the better my body feels. Those stretches have freed up my hips, and hip flexors. My hamstrings are longer and stronger. For me, with those 2 components better this chronic aching back of mine is so much better!!!! FT is like a miracle drug.

Mark my words….FT is going to end up on Dr Oz, The Drs., Ellen or some other talk show! Check out there or you can e mail if you want to know more. If you have back pain you owe it to yourself to implement these exercise into your daily life. If your an athlete these exercise will help prevent injury and act as an Awesome warmup routine. If your an everyday person with a busy life…these exercise will make you feel better and give you energy.

Gotta go now and get ready. Have a great day.

Get On The Foundation Training Train

Fri Sept 13,13: Finally a full nights sleep. Feeling better this morning. Gonna get out today and try to connect w/ some people or organizations about Foundation Training. Y’all check out there website:Foundation Gotta get this going…it is so awesome and so good for your body. We all have muscle imbalances from our daily lives….FT is something you can practice everyday to help decompress the spine, correct posture, stretch and strengthen muscles, and it just make you feel better.
Gotta go now, everyone have a great day and weekend!


Thur sept 12,2013: Everyone…let me just say I’m sorry for not posting on any of my sites lately. As much as I hate to admit it…I just am not in a good place. I realize it happens to all of us at times. Usually, when it happens to someone else I’m pretty good at helping them slow down, look at everything and try to work thru it. I’m trying to take my own advice….it’s just hard!
My situation will get to a stable place soon….I hope. Things will turn out the way they are supposed to turn out…I’m a firm believer I’m just caught up in a “process” at the moment.
I just wanted to speak on this subject for a moment…because it does effect every aspect of your day.
If anyone else out there is going thru a major change, or just in an unfamiliar place….just keep working at getting out of that place. Get up everyday, exercise, eat right, and get your rest. All the essentials that keep you healthy….help you get thru tough times also.
I’m fixing to get ready for gym then to the office.
Everyone have a good day….be back soon!