Tough Tuesday

Lets get this workout started!!!

Warm up: jump jack-10 reps
BW squat- 10 reps
Push ups- 10 reps
Mt climb- 10 reps
Rest 30 sec….Repeat 2x

Do the following circuit for 1 min. Each. For example: 1. Do 10 jump jack then 10 high knees…keep repeating for 1 minute.

1. 10 Jump Jack/10 High Knees
2. Squat into a punch with each arm
3. 10 Push-ups/10 Standing Stick Ups ( do not get against wall…just stand up and put shld blades
down and up)
4.reverse Lunge to a Front Kick- 30 sec per side
5.Plank with a alternating rotation to each side
6. Total Body Extensions
Rest 1 minute….Repeat 1 more time.

AB Circuit- Do these exercises for 3 minutes as many time as possible!
1. Cross Body Mt. Climb-12 per side
2.Bodyweight Chops-12 per side
3. Side Plank w/ Punches-12 per side

Finish Strong- Do these 2 exercise for 3 min. As many times as possible.
1. Skater Hops- 8 per side
2. Front Kick to Back Kick-8 per side

Greatness is in the day ahead!!!!!! Get out there and get some!
Don’t forget to walk around a little, and stretch.

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