Foundation Training

Friday is here! Busy day ahead between my office job and the gym. Gotta get a little golf practice in. I’m filling in…in a golf tournament this weekend.

One more week before I head out for San Francisco to learn all about Foundation Training. I’ve been in the fitness industry many many years. I have seen many products, workout methods,and marketing strategies. Most are junk! There are some that really work and are so good for you.
Foundation Training is a program that can change a persons life.

I have had chronic back issue since high school. Have some little defect on a vertebrae. Never really stopped me from doing anything. I have played many sports all my life and just thought all the back pain was part of being an athlete. I just dealt with it. When your young you can get thru pretty much anything. As you age…the wear and tear and pain is so draining. I just go get my adjustments and my massages and keep everything manageable.

I was introduced to FT in April 2013. I just looked at the pictures in the book and followed along with the video. I could instantly feel what my body was doing…. Man was I sore the first several times I did it. My hamstrings, calves….OMG screamed! Here it is 4 months later my back pain has decreased dramatically. I still really can’t believe it myself. This exercise have strengthened my back side… Freed up my hip flexors and….boom RELIEF! Who knew…..?

After I learn more and can talk more about this. This stuff works! If you have back pain….and want your life to change….we’ll talk in September when I’ll be prepared to teach.

I’ll be back!!! Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Foundation Training

  1. OMG Stevie! This is great news if there is someway around the back situation. I have 4 protruding Disc in my neck & between my shoulder blades (Degenerative Disc Disease), It always gets in the way of my workouts because I get started & get weeks into it & boom I end up doing something wrong & I’m out for weeks & it’s soooo frustrating!
    You are so right about the age thing having a lot to do with it, cause this has been going on for years, but I’ve managed it pretty well till the last few years.
    Recently I think I’ve pulled the lower back “Left Longisssimus Thoracis”!
    I hope to learn something from you on how to manage this!
    Thanks for doing what you do! You’re such an inspiration! ❤


    • I am excited Charlie. This stuff works! I still get tight muscles and soreness. I still workout, have stress at work and so forth. I do my poses pretty much everyday… And I am sooooo much better. I’m an Avid golfer and it has really helped me while I play and the day after! Stay Tuned!


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