Mon 8/12/13: IT’S MONDAY AGAIN! Busy,busy day in store for me. Even tho I know how busy today is gonna be….I’ll stick to my routine. I’ll get to work a little early also to get some stuff completed early. Being “PREPARED” can save a lot of stress. Stress is the most tiring emotion there is. I really try to avoid it at all cost. If you have a good daily routine in place you can just adjust to the routine…makes it easier. If you are one of those who wakes up and just wings it thru the day…things can get out of hand! Certain tasks may not get done. Workouts may be missed. Bad eating habits may glare their ugly heads.
Part of being healthy and fit is also being able to be manage your life without to much chaotic stress. It is going to happen at times….but less is better.
If you fall into this unmanageable category…get a piece of paper out and map out a plan to get you more prepared for each day. Having a routine,exercise, and good healthy eating makes life so much more manageable and enjoyable.
Have a great Monday….time for me to get going!

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