Tough Tuesday

Lets get this workout started!!!

Warm up: jump jack-10 reps
BW squat- 10 reps
Push ups- 10 reps
Mt climb- 10 reps
Rest 30 sec….Repeat 2x

Do the following circuit for 1 min. Each. For example: 1. Do 10 jump jack then 10 high knees…keep repeating for 1 minute.

1. 10 Jump Jack/10 High Knees
2. Squat into a punch with each arm
3. 10 Push-ups/10 Standing Stick Ups ( do not get against wall…just stand up and put shld blades
down and up)
4.reverse Lunge to a Front Kick- 30 sec per side
5.Plank with a alternating rotation to each side
6. Total Body Extensions
Rest 1 minute….Repeat 1 more time.

AB Circuit- Do these exercises for 3 minutes as many time as possible!
1. Cross Body Mt. Climb-12 per side
2.Bodyweight Chops-12 per side
3. Side Plank w/ Punches-12 per side

Finish Strong- Do these 2 exercise for 3 min. As many times as possible.
1. Skater Hops- 8 per side
2. Front Kick to Back Kick-8 per side

Greatness is in the day ahead!!!!!! Get out there and get some!
Don’t forget to walk around a little, and stretch.

Foundation Training

Friday is here! Busy day ahead between my office job and the gym. Gotta get a little golf practice in. I’m filling in…in a golf tournament this weekend.

One more week before I head out for San Francisco to learn all about Foundation Training. I’ve been in the fitness industry many many years. I have seen many products, workout methods,and marketing strategies. Most are junk! There are some that really work and are so good for you.
Foundation Training is a program that can change a persons life.

I have had chronic back issue since high school. Have some little defect on a vertebrae. Never really stopped me from doing anything. I have played many sports all my life and just thought all the back pain was part of being an athlete. I just dealt with it. When your young you can get thru pretty much anything. As you age…the wear and tear and pain is so draining. I just go get my adjustments and my massages and keep everything manageable.

I was introduced to FT in April 2013. I just looked at the pictures in the book and followed along with the video. I could instantly feel what my body was doing…. Man was I sore the first several times I did it. My hamstrings, calves….OMG screamed! Here it is 4 months later my back pain has decreased dramatically. I still really can’t believe it myself. This exercise have strengthened my back side… Freed up my hip flexors and….boom RELIEF! Who knew…..?

After I learn more and can talk more about this. This stuff works! If you have back pain….and want your life to change….we’ll talk in September when I’ll be prepared to teach.

I’ll be back!!! Have a great weekend!

Lets Do It!

Thursday 8/22/13:

Warm up and Stretch.

Group 1: Bodyweight squat w/ a jab/ punch at the top-10 reps
Push-ups-8 reps
Do these 2 exercise as many time as possible for 2 min. Then rest for 1 min.

Group 2: Dumbell Row-8 reps per side
Overhead Tri Cep extensions-8 reps
Do these 2 exercise as many time as possible for 2 min. Then rest for 1 min.

Group 3: Suicide Plank-10 reps
Total Body Extension-10 reps
Do these 2 exercises as many times as possible for 2 min. Then rest 1 min.

Group 4: Jump Jack-10 reps
Skater Hops-10 reps
Do these 2 exercises as many times as possible for 2 min. Then rest 1 min.

Boom Boom Boom!!!! I feel better all ready!

Hanging in there!

Thur 8/22/13: Look what I found…the WORDPRESS button. I haven’t been writing much, but don’t think for one minute I have worked out or been spreading the word of fitness!

To be honest I’m just flat out tired…really need some time off to relax, decompress, and get re-focused. Lots of changes going on in my world right now….so unfortunately, cannot take a break.
Anyway, not complaining….just gotta go thru the process. I’ll just deal with THURSDAY for right now.

Everyone have a great day…fixing to post a workout!


Mon 8/12/13: IT’S MONDAY AGAIN! Busy,busy day in store for me. Even tho I know how busy today is gonna be….I’ll stick to my routine. I’ll get to work a little early also to get some stuff completed early. Being “PREPARED” can save a lot of stress. Stress is the most tiring emotion there is. I really try to avoid it at all cost. If you have a good daily routine in place you can just adjust to the routine…makes it easier. If you are one of those who wakes up and just wings it thru the day…things can get out of hand! Certain tasks may not get done. Workouts may be missed. Bad eating habits may glare their ugly heads.
Part of being healthy and fit is also being able to be manage your life without to much chaotic stress. It is going to happen at times….but less is better.
If you fall into this unmanageable category…get a piece of paper out and map out a plan to get you more prepared for each day. Having a routine,exercise, and good healthy eating makes life so much more manageable and enjoyable.
Have a great Monday….time for me to get going!


Thur Aug 8,2013. Good morning! Another HOT but great day here in the south. Up having my coffee, reading some articles, and thinking about my day. Fixing to take my short walk before heading to the gym…then to the office.
Hoping many of you out there in cyber space are up getting ready to do some sort of exercise…to help keep yourself HEALTHY!
Just get up and do it…no excuses!
August is a long, hot month. Fall will be here shortly….along with FOOTBALL,holidays, cooler weather. Lets get prepared for all the fun and extra food that comes with that time of year.

This is all for now…out the door I go. Hope your motivated to do the same!

Have a great day!

Tough Tuesday

Tue 8/6/13: short on time this morning….so, here’s your workout.

Jump Jacks-30 sec
Mt Climb-30 sec
Jab Punch-30 sec
Body Saw-30 sec
Rest up to 1 min if needed…Repeat 2x

Swing Lunge-30 sec ea leg
Overhead Lat Pulls-30 sec
Bi Cep Curl-30 sec ea arm
Body Saw-30 sec
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Sumo Squat-30 sec
Close Grip PushUp-30 sec
Lateral Raise-30 sec
Body Saw-30 sec
Rest 1 Min…Repeat 2x

Total Body Extension-30 sec
Heisman’s-30 sec
Jump Jacks-30 sec
Rest 1 min if needed…Repeat 2x

Get out there…have a great day and come home HAPPY!

Spread Your Awsome-Ness Around

Mon.Aug 5th: Here we are again…Monday Morning! Might as well get going.
Here’s one that will get that heart rate going.
First prepare the body…warm up and stretch!

Do the following exercise no. for 30 sec ea – 3x until complete. For example:#1. Low step-30 sec/high step-30 sec…3x. Then move to #2 and so on. It will take 3 minutes to complete each no.
Adjust rest/ intensity/time according to your fitness level.

1.low step/high step-30 sec.
2.chest press/row-30 sec ea
3.squat/side kick-30 sec ea
4.jump jack/mt. Climb-30 sec ea cep curl/ tri cep kick back-30 sec ea
6.plank/side plank-30 sec
7. Skater Hop/punches-30 sec ea

There ya go…Monday should go much easier now! Get out there and make the world a better place…spread your awsomeness around!

Catching Up

Fri 8/2/13: Yea!! it’s the weekend! No particular reason…just glad it’s here! Had a very busy week…it’s a good thing! Get my massage with Connie today! Off to Columbus with my buds for our annual Green Oaks golf tournament! Always love getting back to Columbus. Played really good golf last weekend…hope it carries over to Saturday.
One more month until my FOUNDATION TRAINING! Hoping this is really the real deal as advertised. I must say, I have been doing the poses most everyday now since April and my back is feeling much better,stronger, and much less discomfort. We shall see…more on this later.
House has been on the market for about 2 months now….not looking very promising. Oh well, out of my hands for now.
On the way to the gym…time to get Friday started. Have a great day!