Back Again

Tue July 23,13: Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA again. Just been a little unmotivated to post anything. Can’t really explain why. No use spending time dwelling on it. I’m here today and here comes a workout!

Take 5 min to bust out a warm up and some stretching…it’s important!

1. Alternating Lunge-30 sec
2. DB Rows or Lat Pulls-30 sec
3. Spider-Man’s-30 sec
4. Kettlebell or DB Swings-30 sec
5. Prisoner Squat-30 sec
6. Push-ups-30 sec
7. Alternating Heisman’s- 30 sec

Rest one minute after this circuit… Repeat up to 5x for a great total body workout. Lets get it done!

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