Hello Monday

Here we go again….Hello MONDAY! Having my coffee, gonna get some thoughts together, get to the gym and get my workout on….Mondays don’t overwhelm me…..Gonna slay the day!!

Let’s get this workout started!!!!

Do a quick warmup/stretching…take 5 min to do this BEFORE and AFTER!

Do 5 min of cardio: Jump Jack-30sec
Front Kick-30sec
Run in place-30sec
Side Kicks -30 sec
Repeat everything one more time/or you can do everything for 1 minute.
Do 4 min of: Alternating Lunge-30 sec
Mountain Climbers-30 sec
Repeat 3x or you can do everything for 1 min 2x for a total of 4 min.

Do 3 min of: Push-up-30sec
Dumbbell Row-30sec
Tri cep Kickback-30 sec
Repeat 2x
Do 2 min of: Squat-30 sec
Total Body Extension-30 sec
Repeat 1x
Do 1 min of: Plank

BOOM! Now cool down,walk around, do some stretching. Have a good shower and protein filled breakfast. You should be ready to start Monday off with a charged up body! Lets get out there and do what we gotta do! Let me know how the day goes.

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