No Messing Around!

Tue 7/9/13: Here we go with Tue. Lets just get it done.

As always do a stretching/warm up before exercise. Prepare the body!

Do the following exercises for 3 min as many times as possible…then rest for 2 min.
A. BW Squat-8 reps
B. Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
C. Jog in place- 15 sec

A. Reverse Lunge-8 per side
B. Mt Climb-8 per side
C. Stick Ups-8 reps

A.Push Up-8reps
B. Bi Cep Curl-8 per side
C. skater Hops-8 per side
Rest 2 min.

Woohoo! Stretch,cool down and drink water! Shower, good breakfast/ protein shake and CHOOSE to have a good day!

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