July 1st, 2013! Where has the year gone. It really is true the years pass by quicker and quicker every year! Let’s re-evaluate our fitness resolutions we all made in January. I, for one pledged that I would spend more time sharing what I know and learn with as many people as possible. So, this blog and my Stevey’s Training Room on Facebook were formed. It’s been fun and rewarding helping others change their lives. It also keeps me reading and learning new things. I have also met some new people and joined one or two other groups doing the same thing I am. The only way to be successful is to keep learning,sharing, and DOING! I have has some slack periods where I don’t post as often. My life is busy just like yours….but if I’m not putting it on paper….I was still doing my daily workouts, clients, and spreading the health/fitness word! I love this stuff.

Looking forward to the second half of the year. July 4th is here…my favorite holiday….It’s just so laid back! Foundation Training in Sept., lots of golf to play, Saints football starting….and lots of other things in the making!

Take the time to evaluate what you said you were gonna do back in Jan. If your on track…awesome! Keep DOING….getting better. What can you do to turn it up a notch? If you have not accomplished much of anything…START OVER! Don’ t waste time be complaining about yourself…just start over! Choose something to work on and just do it!

Let’s get started with July 1st. Let me know your progress…. And your struggles! You can change if you want to!

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