The Fitness Plan

Tue, 7/30/13: Made it thru Monday!! July is just about gone….. Oh my, it was a blurrrrrrr!
For those of you who are off the plan, struggling with the plan, or have no fitness
Plan…don’t freak out! YOU CAN START TODAY! Let’s get ready for that last really
Hot summer month, football season on the way, and of course holiday season to
For those of you still on the FITNESS PLAN… Lets get it on!

Warm up with some movement and some stretching….do it.

Do the following circuit 3x…resting 1 min after each circuit.
1.DB Split Squat-30 sec
2.Triple Stop Pushup-30 sec
3.DB Row-30 sec

Do the following superset 3x…rest 1 min after each set.
1.Squat w/5 sec hold at bottom-30 sec
2.Stability Ball Hamstring Curl-30 sec

Do the following circuit 3x…resting 1 min between circuits.
1.Inchworm-30 sec
2.Total Body Extension-30 sec
3.Body Saw-30 sec
4.Stability Ball Jackknife

Boom,Boom,Boom!!! That was an awesome workout! Let me know how you did!

As always, modify whatever you need to according to your fitness level! Make the workout work for you. Get going…get it done! Lets all have an awesome Tuesday!


Mon…7/29/13: no time to waste…have a very busy day today! So, lets just get our workout on!
Let’s just do one big ole circuit.

Of, course take a few minutes to warm up and stretch.

Do each exercise 30 sec…can do the circuit up to 3x.
1. Jumping Jacks
2.Push ups
3. Inchworm
4. BW Squats
5. Jog n Place
6. Prisoner Lunge
7. Mt. Climbs
8. Switch Kicks
9. Cross body Mt Climb
10. Burpee
There ya go! Do this once or 2-3x depending on your fitness level! Push yourself and eat healthy!
Have a great Monday!

Feel Good Fridays

At last….FRIDAY! Fridays just feel so good!
Lets get this workout done….go to work…then enjoy the weekend.

Warm Up: BW Squats-10 reps
Push Ups-10 reps
Stick Ups- 10 reps
Plank-30 secs
Rest 30 sec if needed…Repeat 2x

Do the following circuit 3x…First time-12 reps ea, Second time-10 reps ea, Third time- 8 reps ea.
Rest 1 min. After each circuit.

1. Lunge Jumps
2. Push-ups
3. Dumbbell Row
4. Stability Ball Leg Curl
5. Stability Ball Jack Knife

Finish up with 20 dumbbell swings…rest 30 sec. Repeat 5x

Awesome job!!!! Have a great weekend….we deserve it!

AB Circuit

Hump day- 7/24/13: Here we are at mid week….I have been busy! No matter how busy you are…gotta make time for a workout. Doesn’t have to be long…just get it done. WORK is not more important than HEALTH!
This is an ab circuit. It can be done alone or after a workout…depending on how much time you have. As always…adjust the circuit according to your fitness level.

Plank-30 sec
Bicycles-30 sec
Side Plank-30 sec (one side only)
Bicycles-30 sec
Side Plank-30 sec (other side)
Stability Ball Roll Out-30 sec
X Body Mt Climb-30 sec

Rest 1 min. Repeat 3x

Everyone have a great day!!

Back Again

Tue July 23,13: Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA again. Just been a little unmotivated to post anything. Can’t really explain why. No use spending time dwelling on it. I’m here today and here comes a workout!

Take 5 min to bust out a warm up and some stretching…it’s important!

1. Alternating Lunge-30 sec
2. DB Rows or Lat Pulls-30 sec
3. Spider-Man’s-30 sec
4. Kettlebell or DB Swings-30 sec
5. Prisoner Squat-30 sec
6. Push-ups-30 sec
7. Alternating Heisman’s- 30 sec

Rest one minute after this circuit… Repeat up to 5x for a great total body workout. Lets get it done!

Pro Am Day

Wednesday 7/17/13: Myself and my 3 golfing buddies Griff,Rhonda and Jane are fortunate enough to have been asked to play in the Pro Am event at the SANDERSON FARMS golf tournament here in Madison Ms.
Many thanks to our Sponsor NATIONAL AVIATION for supporting the tournament and asking us to represent their company. Gonna be a great day!
Our pro is Nathan Green from Australia. Hope is cool with an all ladies team….lol! We will be the only all ladies team!!!
Anyone interested in a profession as a pilot or an airplane mechanic…NATIONAL AVIATION is the school to attend for a rewarding career in this field.
Hope to report in later! Wish us ladies luck!

Hello Monday

Here we go again….Hello MONDAY! Having my coffee, gonna get some thoughts together, get to the gym and get my workout on….Mondays don’t overwhelm me…..Gonna slay the day!!

Let’s get this workout started!!!!

Do a quick warmup/stretching…take 5 min to do this BEFORE and AFTER!

Do 5 min of cardio: Jump Jack-30sec
Front Kick-30sec
Run in place-30sec
Side Kicks -30 sec
Repeat everything one more time/or you can do everything for 1 minute.
Do 4 min of: Alternating Lunge-30 sec
Mountain Climbers-30 sec
Repeat 3x or you can do everything for 1 min 2x for a total of 4 min.

Do 3 min of: Push-up-30sec
Dumbbell Row-30sec
Tri cep Kickback-30 sec
Repeat 2x
Do 2 min of: Squat-30 sec
Total Body Extension-30 sec
Repeat 1x
Do 1 min of: Plank

BOOM! Now cool down,walk around, do some stretching. Have a good shower and protein filled breakfast. You should be ready to start Monday off with a charged up body! Lets get out there and do what we gotta do! Let me know how the day goes.


How many people did the buff arms workout? My LATS are so sore. I woke up this morning and want OOOOCCHHHH! I really got the lates involved. Try that workout and let me know how you feel.
Today..take a walk, hit golf ball, yard work, cook for next week and clean…great weather here in Mississippi! Have a great weekend and make it count!

Buffed Arms

Fri 7/12/13: Let’s shape up the arms!

Warm up first and do some stretching!

Push-ups- 15 reps
Plank-30 sec
Bi cep Curls-15 reps
Plank w/ Leg Lift-30 sec
Bench Dips-15 reps
Plank-Left Side-30 sec
Lateral Raise-15 reps
Plank-right side-30 sec
Tri Cep Kickback-15 reps
Suicide Plank- 30 sec

Rest/Stretch min….Repeat 2x

Sub in another exercise in needed….always adjust workout to your fitness level!
Now, go SLEEVELESS today!!!! Happy Weekend!

No Messing Around!

Tue 7/9/13: Here we go with Tue. Lets just get it done.

As always do a stretching/warm up before exercise. Prepare the body!

Do the following exercises for 3 min as many times as possible…then rest for 2 min.
A. BW Squat-8 reps
B. Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
C. Jog in place- 15 sec

A. Reverse Lunge-8 per side
B. Mt Climb-8 per side
C. Stick Ups-8 reps

A.Push Up-8reps
B. Bi Cep Curl-8 per side
C. skater Hops-8 per side
Rest 2 min.

Woohoo! Stretch,cool down and drink water! Shower, good breakfast/ protein shake and CHOOSE to have a good day!