Re- dedicate Yourself

Sunday,6/30/13: We are officially at the 1/2 way point of 2013. Time to examine at the resolution you made Jan 1st. Are you succeeding? Are you failing miserably? Why and how. Figure it out. Keep doing what your doing if you are exercising and working out. Things have got to be better if your doing these 2 things! If your not doing to well…then why? Only you know the answer. Be honest and let’s get back on track!
July 1st…half way thru the year…RE-DEDICATE to YOURSELF! This is all about you improving yourself!
Get to the gym, get on the Internet, get outside, get a friend, get a trainer…..there should be no excuses. You can exercise for free….don’t tell me you can’t afford it! Come on 6 months to go…get on the fitness circuit and better your health and your life!!!
Hope this fires some of you up!!!!
I’m on my way to walk 18 holes right now. Let me hear from you about your re- dedication plans!

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