June 24,2013: Mondays come around sooooo fast! Played golf Sat. Then house cleaning and yard work…gotta keep the place spiffed up. Got all my cooking done for the week. My garden is starting to turn out…Carmelized some really good peppers…red,yellow and purple. I cook up a batch then use then as a topping on almost everything! DELISH!

Now for the workout!

Get a warm up in and some stretches. I’m still doing my foundation poses as my stretching routine now. Those exercises work great! The next certification has been moved to Sept….once I get certified I’ll get more detailed w/ everyone about them.

Do the following circuit 3-5 times based upon your fitness level. You will do 6 reps of everything and rest 90 sec between sets. Use medium weights.

Circuit: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Shoulder Raise- 6 rep per side
Burpee- 6 Rep
Squat w/ Shoulder Press- 6 Rep
Renegade Rows- 6 Rep ( push-up w/a row to each side is one)

I love this workout!! It will get everything…but really gets the upper body! Get it done!!!

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards, a good protein drink would be nice afterwards also. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies today….and make up your mind to have a great Monday!

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