Super Saturday

Sat June 15,2013
Finally, a day of golf. Looking forward to a day of golf w/ my foursome plus Becky and Margie! Haven’t had much time to practice or play. Things appear to be settling down some…so hopefully, I can get back to practicing. Lots of events for me in Aug,Sept, and Oct.
Also….PHIL is in contention at the US Open! Hope he can bring it home! Gonna be exciting Sunday! Have a great Sat. Everyone….gotta go get ready!

3 responses to “Super Saturday

    • Did not play well today. Did not play on a very nice course either. Felt good to be out there anyway w/ friends competing! I will get back to practicing more though…. Now time to watch Phil try to get that Open Championship!


      • Golf is not one of those sports where you can go for periods of time without playing and just jump back in. At least it wasn’t for me! As long as you had fun!


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