Tue 6/11/13: Time is just passing by fast! I’ve still been very busy…but things are starting to get better. Got my for sale sign up in the yard, now what happens is out of my control. Finding our balance at work…so, that has been big. Still need to work on foundation training more….hopefully, I can focus on that more soon. Almost forgot….Golf! Really need to get some time for that!

Life changes all the time. Sometimes we don’t even notice and sometimes it changes with no notice at all! Being able to manage the change, and the stress is key to adjusting sooner. Sometimes, others need to step up, you may have to work harder,shorter lunches, learn a new task, whatever the case may be to adjust. It’s all about change and adjusting! It’s,what life is about and it’s going to happen.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me. I’ll tie it into fitness since this blog is about health and fitness. We already know “stress” is detrimental to our health! Just, another reason to make changes to manage the stress….as stated above. We already know exercise releases “feel good” hormones…which help relieve stress. Another great reason to exercise….even if its as simple as just taking a walk. Get up earlier and take a 20 minute walk, take a lunch break…no matter how busy you are. After work go to the gym,take a class, play a little tennis, take a swim, mow the grass…. Just move that body and get those “feel good” hormones flowing!

Have a great day…I’m going to!

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