Re- dedicate Yourself

Sunday,6/30/13: We are officially at the 1/2 way point of 2013. Time to examine at the resolution you made Jan 1st. Are you succeeding? Are you failing miserably? Why and how. Figure it out. Keep doing what your doing if you are exercising and working out. Things have got to be better if your doing these 2 things! If your not doing to well…then why? Only you know the answer. Be honest and let’s get back on track!
July 1st…half way thru the year…RE-DEDICATE to YOURSELF! This is all about you improving yourself!
Get to the gym, get on the Internet, get outside, get a friend, get a trainer…..there should be no excuses. You can exercise for free….don’t tell me you can’t afford it! Come on 6 months to go…get on the fitness circuit and better your health and your life!!!
Hope this fires some of you up!!!!
I’m on my way to walk 18 holes right now. Let me hear from you about your re- dedication plans!


June 24,2013: Mondays come around sooooo fast! Played golf Sat. Then house cleaning and yard work…gotta keep the place spiffed up. Got all my cooking done for the week. My garden is starting to turn out…Carmelized some really good peppers…red,yellow and purple. I cook up a batch then use then as a topping on almost everything! DELISH!

Now for the workout!

Get a warm up in and some stretches. I’m still doing my foundation poses as my stretching routine now. Those exercises work great! The next certification has been moved to Sept….once I get certified I’ll get more detailed w/ everyone about them.

Do the following circuit 3-5 times based upon your fitness level. You will do 6 reps of everything and rest 90 sec between sets. Use medium weights.

Circuit: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Shoulder Raise- 6 rep per side
Burpee- 6 Rep
Squat w/ Shoulder Press- 6 Rep
Renegade Rows- 6 Rep ( push-up w/a row to each side is one)

I love this workout!! It will get everything…but really gets the upper body! Get it done!!!

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards, a good protein drink would be nice afterwards also. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies today….and make up your mind to have a great Monday!

Super Saturday

Sat June 15,2013
Finally, a day of golf. Looking forward to a day of golf w/ my foursome plus Becky and Margie! Haven’t had much time to practice or play. Things appear to be settling down some…so hopefully, I can get back to practicing. Lots of events for me in Aug,Sept, and Oct.
Also….PHIL is in contention at the US Open! Hope he can bring it home! Gonna be exciting Sunday! Have a great Sat. Everyone….gotta go get ready!

Wicked Wednesday

Time to Workout!
Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 16 min.
Rest ONLY if needed.
Do a light moderate warm up and stretch first.

Sumo squat-8 reps
Push ups-6 reps
Jab/punch alternating-6 per side
Lunge-8 per side
Body Saw-8 reps
Total Body extension-8 reps
Bear Crawl-8 count (4 steps per side)

16 Minutes….keep moving! Total Body Workout! Anywhere….Anytime! Change any exercise you like….Make it your own.
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday’s Workout

Group 1: DB Reverse Lung- 8 per side
DB Chest Press- 8 reps
DB Row- 8 per side
Stability Ball Roll Out- 12
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Group 2: DB Squat- 12 reps
Close Grip Push-up- 8 reps
Mt Climb- 10 reps
1-Arm Shld Press-8 reps per side
Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Group 3: Burpee-30 sec
Jump Jack- 30 sec
Rest 30 sec…Repeat 2x

Take command of Tuesday!


Tue 6/11/13: Time is just passing by fast! I’ve still been very busy…but things are starting to get better. Got my for sale sign up in the yard, now what happens is out of my control. Finding our balance at work…so, that has been big. Still need to work on foundation training more….hopefully, I can focus on that more soon. Almost forgot….Golf! Really need to get some time for that!

Life changes all the time. Sometimes we don’t even notice and sometimes it changes with no notice at all! Being able to manage the change, and the stress is key to adjusting sooner. Sometimes, others need to step up, you may have to work harder,shorter lunches, learn a new task, whatever the case may be to adjust. It’s all about change and adjusting! It’s,what life is about and it’s going to happen.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me. I’ll tie it into fitness since this blog is about health and fitness. We already know “stress” is detrimental to our health! Just, another reason to make changes to manage the stress….as stated above. We already know exercise releases “feel good” hormones…which help relieve stress. Another great reason to exercise….even if its as simple as just taking a walk. Get up earlier and take a 20 minute walk, take a lunch break…no matter how busy you are. After work go to the gym,take a class, play a little tennis, take a swim, mow the grass…. Just move that body and get those “feel good” hormones flowing!

Have a great day…I’m going to!


Lets have a great Tue. I am still wore out from Monday….but today is gonna be better!
Of course, I will start out w/ Foundation exercises…then a little Bodyweight work!

Circuit 1: BOdyweight squat-15 reps
Side to side jumps-15 reps
Body saw-10 reps
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x

Circuit 2: Jab/Punch-15 reps ea side
Switch Kicks-10 per leg
Mt Climb- 10 per side
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x

Circuit 3: Push-ups-10 reps
Walking Lunge-10 per side
Inchworm-10 reps
There ya go! DONE and ready for Tuesday! As always adjust the workout for your skill level…no excuses! Just do what your supposed to do.


Man the weekends fly by so fast. I’m up feel a little sluggish today. Did a lot at the house getting ready to list it. That is such tiring work. Busy day ahead today! Might as well get this workout written and get to the gym for my clients.
Let’s focus on the arms….someone sent me this one.

Push-ups-10 reps
Bi cep curl-10 reps ea arm
Tri cep extension-10 ea arm
Shld press-10 ea arm

Rest 1 min repeat 3-4 times. Use medium heavy weight starting out….then drop down as needed. Do good medium slow full reps.

Now that you feel BUFF…go sleeveless today! Here I come Monday!!!!