Yea, its Friday. I am really missing my blog and all of your blogs! I am hoping to get new computer in the next week . Type on the phone just get to be aggravating for me. Hopefully, I can have my routine back soon!
I have a lot going on right now! Lots of transitioning going on in all areas of my life… Changes are on the way. Hopefully, adjusting won’t be to difficult?
I am keeping to my routine as far as eating, sleep, workouts… That’s how I stay 1/2 way sane. Gotta get ready now… Wish me luck! Once some of the changes start taking place… I’ll let y’all know more.
Have a fit, fun and healthy weekend!


Hey everyone. Still no computer… That’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’ll keep doing some with my phone. Had a good week… Got the insurance claim work completed…
Still practicing my Foundation Training. Headed out in August to get training. I mean, this stuff really seems to be working. My back has been feeling pretty good… But my Hammies are tore up!!! Once I become more educated Ill educate y’all.
Have a great weekend!!! Stay healthy and fit…. And let’s help those who aren’t get there!


Still no computer for me. Hoping to get one soon. Hoping everyone is staying motivated and doing their workouts. Here is one for today to really get the blood flowing and tighten that core!
As always, change exercises up if you need to and rest as much as needed. Safety first! Here ya go…
Warm up and stretch first.
Circuit: Kettlebell/ DB Swing- 25 Rep
TotalBody Extension- 25 Rep
Stab-Ball Rollout- 25 Rep
Side Plank- 30 Sec per side
Rest 30 sec. Repeat 3x.


Mon 5/6/13: just a quick note letting everyone know why I haven’t posted over the weekend. Last Friday, my neighbor hood was hit w/ a rash of burglaries. Yes, I was won of the unfortunate. There was a description: 4 young black males in a black Nissan Altima maybe 2003 model. The neighbor said they looked like teenagers. Of course, all they want are your electronics…. Which they now have. Just makes me sick I out working and they’re out doing their jobs… Stealing your stuff! Anyway, my pets were not hurt, so all is well. As soon, as I get a computer I’ll be back more regularly!
Everyone keep working out!

Better Than Caffeine

Friday 5/3/13: Let’s do something to really make those muscle systems scream!
Do a warm up first.
Group 1: 10 Burpees
10 Skater Hops
10 Jump Jacks
Rest 30 seconds repeat 2x
Group 2: 10 Squats w/ a 5 sec hold at bottom
10 Renegade Row
10 Bicycles
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
Group 3: 10 Mt Climbers
10 Row Boats
10 Bear Crawls
Rest 30 sec Repeat 2x
That was awsome!!! Yall are awsome! Have a great Friday!
PS…Always adjust these workouts according to your needs!