Thursday…May 30! Another month just about in the books. Time really does fly the older you get!
We are fixing to get into the heat of summertime with June’s arrival. It gets tougher to do those workouts/runs in the heat….especially here in the south! Our humidity is unrelenting!!!! So,that being said, get out early for outdoor workout,bike rides,runs etc. Always hydrate well before an event starts.
June will be very busy for me….lots going on between work, clients, selling/ buying a house. Eventually,there will be moving. There will be no excuses though for not working out. That’s how I keep my sanity!!! Strong body….strong mind!
Let’s do a workout…then venture out into Thursday! It’s gonna be a good day!

Warm up: Jump Jack-15 reps
Alt.Bodyweight Lunge-8 ea leg
Push-ups-8 rep
BW Squat-10rep
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 1x

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
DB Reverse Lunge-8 per side
DB Chest Press-8 reps
DB Row-8 per side
Rest 1 min. Proceed to next group.

Do the following circuit for 10 min as many times as possible:
Goblet Squat-12 reps
DB Shld Press-8 per side
Mt Climb-12 per side
Rest 1 min proceed to next group.

Do the following superset as many times as possible for 3 min.
Total Body Extension-10 reps
Inchworm-5 reps

Great job…and now all of you are ready for Thursday!! Get out there and take charge of the day!!!

Wednesday Workout

WEdnesday already? Great! Let’s get this work out in!
Circuit: Jump Jack-20 rep
Reverse Lunge-10 rep ea leg
Jump Jack-20 rep
T Push Up-8 per side
Jump Jack- 20 rep
Lateral Lunge-10 ea leg
Jump Jack-20 rep
Stick ups-10 reps
Rest 1 minute…2x

Ab Circuit: Stability Ball Rollout-10 rep
Side Plank-30 sec ea side
Repeat this 3-5x

As always modify any exercise you need….but still PUSH yourself! You still have to work with some intensity! If one time thru the circuit is all you can do…then that is plenty. Work towards increasing the times thru the circuit. Let’s go,take care of Wednesday!


Summer is officially here!!! Yea!! Let’s get it on…beaches, suntans, garden work,baseball, golf,tennis, pool parties, cookouts, fireworks on 4th of July, sweltering heat in Mississippi, summer football camp, so so much more! Summer is my favorite time of year!
If you haven’t kept up your end of your 2013 fitness regimen….no fear….just start today. Get outside and move…. Walk, jog, bike, skate, swim, play a sport…. Get out there and just move. ou don’ t have to be good at it. Just MOVE your body! No excuses… Your not to busy, your not to tired, don’t be lazy….MOVE MOVE MOVE!
Let’s get ready for July 4th! That’s right….another cookout, reunion,beach outing, pool party…. Let’s get ready for it. Everyday MOVE MOVE MOVE that body! Walk at lunch, take the stairs, ride a bike, do yard work, play tennis, P90x, get a trainer…….
Let’ s go everyone…I’m on your side! Other readers, trainers, motivators please chime in and let’ s get these people on a daily programs.


HappinessPosted byMichael MantellonMay 20, 2013SHARES355
This post was written by Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., the Senior Fitness Consultant for Behavioral Sciences for the American Council on Exercise, faculty member at Equinox Fitness Training Institute, and Psych Coach. The views expressed herein are his and his alone.

Here are some striking research findings: Children as young as 14 months can differentiate between a credible person and a deceitful one. And even as we get older, all it takes is 100 milliseconds of exposure to a person’s face for many people to judge trustworthiness or deception.

In the key relationships in our lives, trust influences whether we feel comfortable being our vulnerable, genuine selves or whether we feel defensive and guarded, anticipating harm. Trust is tricky and all-powerful, as it determines how we feel while making all kinds of decisions — accepting a dinner date, riding in a cab, heeding a doctor’s advice, hiring a babysitter, buying a certain product, or signing on with a personal trainer. We can perform these actions with ease and comfort, or with stress, fear, and anxiety — and trust makes all the difference.

In this article, we’ll focus on the importance of establishing trust in the relationship between a client and their certified personal fitness trainer. We’ll establish why trust matters, what trust looks like, and how you can look for and create trust in your own relationships. Though this info is geared specifically toward the trainer-client relationship, the same principles can be applied to all relationships — friendships, family, co-workers — in which rapport matters.


The importance of trust in rapport-based relationships has been acknowledged by experts across a wide variety of fields. The American Council on Exercise, which has certified more than 55,000 personal trainers and health coaches to date, uses rapport as the foundation for all exercise science. Great coaches and fitness trainers understand that relationship trust is the key to a successful outcome in personal training.

Of course, trust is important even beyond the gym. Brand mavens such as Jim Stengel, author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies, maintain that brands that create trustworthiness through an emotional, visceral response garner much stronger financial results. Ken Blanchard, a well-known management expert, notes that “the high cost of low trust” in business results in increased employee turnover, low productivity, and low morale.

In other words, trust is the fundamental way we work with each other, communicate with each other, hear each other, learn from and with each other, and get into the same bed with each other. Without trust, relationships simply don’t work.

In my work counseling couples, coaching senior executives and C-suite teams, doing mental performance training with elite athletes, and teaching doctors, health coaches, and personal trainers how to establish rapport, one thing is clear: The symptoms of a lack of trust — including low morale, low productivity, and a failure to show up completely — can all lead to the end of a relationship.


Through my work, I’ve discovered that the definition of trust is contained in the word itself. Use these criteria to determine whether or not a given relationship in your life is marked by trust.

1. T = Timeliness

Each member of the relationship needs to be there, on time, every time, with no excuses. Availability is so important that it’s one of the three primary tenants (dubbed “The Three A’s”) of establishing a successful relationship as a health care provider.

2. R = Rapport

Merriam Webster defines rapport as “a relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity”. We might call rapport “affability,” which is the second of the “Three A’s”.

3. U = Understanding

To understand someone, it takes being willing and able to “stand UNDER” them. In other words, it’s important to make the relationship about the other person, not your own ego. I always chuckle when I speak to fitness trainers who aspire to be “celebrity trainers.” The most successful trainers know that to be a celebrity trainer, one has to make the client the celebrity. The best trainers inspire their clients to leave a session thinking, “Wow, I’m great,” as opposed to “Wow, my trainer is great.”

4. S = Support

It is essential that trainers and clients work together to create a collaborative, non-judgmental, respectful relationship in which the trainer explores and uncovers what the clients’ needs and wants are and what internal and external obstacles they face. By sharing united conversation, in which the trainer maps out a plan tailored specifically to the client, the trainer supports the clients’ intrinsic motivation and commitment to adopting healthier lifestyle habits. In this way, the trainer and client will develop a successful, trusting relationship.

5. T = Truthfulness

When I first began work in television, a famed news anchor gave me this advice: “Michael, once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.” If this is true, I guess I’ve never “got it made.” Remember those 14-month-old infants? They can spot disingenuous people, and in 100 milliseconds, and so can many adults, simply by looking at the complexities of a person’s face. What this tells us is that truthfulness — straight talk, creating transparency, righting wrongs, and showing loyalty — can’t be faked.

The Final “A”

You may notice that the third of the “Three A’s” — Ability — is missing from the discussions above. This is because relationships must first and foremost be about trust, being there, being comfortably connected, being dependable, and being believable. Then, and only then, does skill or ability come into play.


Do you trust your own personal trainer? Try asking yourself these questions and see if they uncover any areas of concern.

Does your trainer make each session about you, or is s/he busy talking about her/himself?
Do you and your trainer collaboratively work on your goal setting, or does the trainer tell you what your goals should be?
Do you feel validated, heard, listened to, and understood?
Does your trainer show up in a timely way?
Do you feel comfortable with the gender of your trainer and the professional boundaries that are set? Trainers touch, work closely, and get to see you in what are, quite frankly, awkward poses and movements. For some, having a trainer of the opposite sex may lead to discomfort. The certifying agencies, such as ACE, establish appropriate professional boundaries and safeguards.
With a few modifications, these questions can also be asked of any personal relationships. If these questions raise any issues, talk them out with your trainer (or partner, family member, etc.). If the person responds with defensiveness, criticism, avoidance of the discussion, or contempt for you, then it may be time to find another trainer.


Trust is based on the chemical oxytocin, which makes us feel good, creates pleasure, and prompts us to connect to one another. Without it, we’d never be ourselves and we’d never have fulfilling relationships. But even when our brain releases this comfort fuel, we aren’t blinded to frank deception. We know when we aren’t a trainer’s focus, we don’t count, something creepy is going on, or a relationship lacks honesty. Ultimately, dishonesty, a lack of communication, or betrayal (which even oxytocin can’t hide) will send people on your way.

If a given relationship doesn’t work out, don’t take it as a sign that you should never trust again. Simply look for the criteria of trust with someone new. After all, in the words of Former U.K. Prime Minister Harold MacMillan, “A person who trusts nobody is apt to be the kind of person nobody trusts.”

How do you determine whether a person is trustworthy? Share in the comments below!
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Dr. Michael Mantell earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of Pennsylvania after completing his M.S. degree in clinical psychology at the…
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Yea, a long weekend. I really need one…have a lot going on. It has been a very long time since I have felt somewhat not in control of what’s going on in my life. I have 3 very big life changing things going on…that is 2 many at one time. Due to certain circumstances (timing in life) all the wheels have been set in motion. Job changes, trying to get my house on market, and the big certification in Aug….I certainly feel the stress!
STRESS is such an exhausting emotion. I see now why people who have a lot of stress all the time have all those symptoms like crankiness, looking and feeling tired, no energy, over eating, drinking, and I’m sure many more. The good news is I’m fully aware of how I’m feeling. Just have to try to go slower, breath, and practice relaxing. Everything will work out…it’s just a process getting to some of the end results. Wish me luck.
P.S. I’ll need my workouts more than ever to stay SANE!
Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

Density Circuit

May 22, 2013: Let’s Workout!!!
Of course get a warm in first…be nice to the muscles!
Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 16 min.
Burpee-5 rep
Alternating Lateral Lunge-8 ea leg
T Push-up-5 per side
Stability Ball Roll Out-8 reps
Stick Ups-8 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps

As always adjust or sub whatever you like. Make it harder or easier according to your fitness level.
This workout will hit your whole body plus get that heart rate going…but you have to do it and do it with at least 80 % effort….that’s why it’s only 16 min! Cool down, stretch, and most important eat HEALTHY!


Just checking in with everyone. Update on my life. No news on the thieves who stole all my electronics. I was not expecting to get anything back. Ins co. Has settled though. I” m starting the process of trying to sell my house…then of course get a new one. I really wasn’t planning on doing that just yet, but sometimes an event happens that just puts all wheels in motion. We”ll see what happens?
Very busy at work…have a lot going on there.
Also, busy at the gym with clients…and still looking very forward to Aug and the Foundation Training Certification!! This stuff is awesome and I’m feeling great!
I haven’t been on WordPress to much lately…but I’m working out and doing my daily chores like always. Today is today…I’m on here and that’s all that matters! Everyone have a great day and I’m fixing to post a workout!


Yea, its Friday. I am really missing my blog and all of your blogs! I am hoping to get new computer in the next week . Type on the phone just get to be aggravating for me. Hopefully, I can have my routine back soon!
I have a lot going on right now! Lots of transitioning going on in all areas of my life… Changes are on the way. Hopefully, adjusting won’t be to difficult?
I am keeping to my routine as far as eating, sleep, workouts… That’s how I stay 1/2 way sane. Gotta get ready now… Wish me luck! Once some of the changes start taking place… I’ll let y’all know more.
Have a fit, fun and healthy weekend!


Hey everyone. Still no computer… That’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’ll keep doing some with my phone. Had a good week… Got the insurance claim work completed…
Still practicing my Foundation Training. Headed out in August to get training. I mean, this stuff really seems to be working. My back has been feeling pretty good… But my Hammies are tore up!!! Once I become more educated Ill educate y’all.
Have a great weekend!!! Stay healthy and fit…. And let’s help those who aren’t get there!