Take A Moment for Boston

Tue 4/16/13: Prayers go out for the City of Boston and for all those runners and fans who took part in the marathon. We should be celebrating
instead of mourning. How senseless! I hope whomever is responsible will be found and dealt with appropriatly. I don’t know what the answers are to prevent such things from happening. As Americans, our lives are not meant to be lived out in fear. Today is a new day…live each day to the fullest.

MONDAY…Here I Come!

Monday April15,2013: Well, what a week last week was. A trip to the Masters Par 3 Day, a busy week at work, a sinus infection, and an exciting finish at the Masters yesterday. The weeks are just flying by.
Gotta get back in my routine…I’m feeling better…so here I come Monday!
Let’s get a workut in.

Warm up with: inchworm-5 reps
BW squat-8 reps
Stick ups- 8 reps
skater hops-8 ea side
Repeat 2x

Group 1: Lat Pull Downs-12 reps
Reverse Lunge-10 reps ea leg
Body Saw-12 reps
Repeat 2x

Group 2: Off Set Pushup-8 rep ea side
Walking Lunge-8 ea leg
Bear Crawl-10 steps ea foot
Repeat 2x

Group 3: Burpee-8 reps
Jab/Punch-10 reps per side
Jump Jack-15 reps
Repeat 2x

Cool down and stretch!

Getting Back Up

Sun.4/14/13: Well, I have been down for a couple of days now with a sinus infection. I don’t know about other parts of the country, but here in the south EVERYTHING is covered in green pollen. I’ve had the strength of a kitten and absolutely no energy. Thanks goodness I am feeling better this morning. I can at least breath better and my eyes don’t hurt so bad. I don’t get sick very often at all, but when I do I’m always amazed at how it depletes your energy, and if there is no energy I can barely think. All the more reason to keep doing what I do…eating healthy and exercise. I can not imagine having to live life the way way I have the last few days. No energy, no enthusiasm. I see why unhealthy people, unfit people get sick and don’t workout…they don’t have the energy. If you don’t have that “good” energy in your body, there is no motivation or enthusiasm. Today, I’ll rest up some more, cook my food for the week, watch the Masters{which should be very exciting} and get ready for the work week. I’ll be excited to get back to my routine! Have a great Sunday!


Sun April 7,2013:
Hey everyone…this is short notice, but my next Fit Newsletter is going out around 5am to a subscribed e mail boxes. The address to sign up for the free newsletter is http://steveygaddis.fitproconnect.com/
This is something I’m trying out for the month of April. Check it out…let me know how you like it. Just trying another way to reach other fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to live a clean, healthy and fit lifestyle. I can’t do it alone…I love reading everyone’s material and hopefully we all ban together and and help lots and lots of people.
Monday, is almost here…Let’s be ready for it!!!