Let’s Get Back On Track

Tue April 1,2013: Don’t be a fool…get that workout in!
Warm up and Stretch First!

Let’s try a little back to basics total body/w cardio.

20 sec. high knees
25 sec. push ups
30 sec. squats
35 sec. mt climb
40 sec. piston rows
45 sec. jumping jack
50 sec. T push up
45 sec. walking lunge
40 sec. tri-cep presses
35 sec. front kicks
30 sec. plank
25 sec. bi cep curls
20 sec. burpee

Rest 1 minute if needed….Repeat 2x.
Make it easier if your a beginner..maybe everything 20-30 sec. Make harder if your fitter…maybe put in harder exercises…

BOOOMMMM!!! Now that you started the day off w/ an awsome workout…everything else will fall into place.

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