Making Good Use Of Time

Mon 4/29/30:It’s MONDAY…Let’s get back to it! I know Monday’s are usually tough to get moving…but’s it’s got to be done. For me, getting all my food ready for the week done on Sundays really helps me out. I basically just focus on the gym, the office, and getting my 7-8 hrs of sleep during the week. Try to make good use of your time and you will actually get more done and have time to rest.

Fantastic Friday Fun!

Fri April 26,2013: LET’S EXERCISE
Warm up first…prepare the body.
Flat Bench Press-8 reps{on the heavy side}
BW Squat-1 1/2 rep style-8 reps{down,1/2way up,dn,up is 1 rep}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

DB Rows-8 rep{rather heavy}
Walking Lunge-10 rep ea leg{slow er speed going down}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Inchworm-8 reps
Bicycles-8 reps per side{slow and deliberate}
Repeat 2x…Rest 1 min after completion

Do these 2 exercise as many times as possible for 4 min:
15 Jump Jacks
4 side to side shuttle steps{basketball drill}

Lots of fun!!!! Have a great weekend!!!


Tue April 23,13
Make sure you warm up and lightly stretch first. Prepare the body for exercise!
Do this circuit as many times as possible in 15 min.
10 jump jacks
6 sumo squats[6 ea leg]
5 inch worms
6 reverse lunges[6 ea leg]
6 pushps
Rest as little as possible…always safety first. Cool down and lightly stretch afterwards.
Have a great day!

Start Over With Fruit And Veggies

Mon 4/22/13: Monday is here already! Had a busy weekend. Worked at the gym some, played a little golf, chores, got my garden planted…tomatoes,red/yellow peppers,and cucumbers, and got all my food cooked for the week. I love when spring gets here…it’s pretty much big salads and lots of veggies for me.
For those of you who have fallen off your healthy eating plans….this is a great time of year to start over. Fresh fruits and veggies are everywhere. All of them are so low in calories, but so packed with vitamins,minerals, and antioxidents that you need. Veggies are easy to cook, they can be grilled, steamed or sauteed. Go to the local fruit stand or farmers markets and check out what they have. Fresh, fresh,fresh is the way to go…anf the way to see that waist line go.

Feel Flawless After This One

Wed 4/17/13:
Here’s a workout I found looking thru some notes I had jotted down. Try this one…it will get the blood moving and the heart pumping!
7 Exercises…5 Rounds: 10 Burpee
10 Renegade Row
10 Mt Climb
10 Reverse Lunge
10 Squat
10 Stickups
10 Jump Jacks
Do with as little rest as possible, but as always rest if needed. Modify the burpee and rows if needed. Now get busy and have an awsome humpday!