A Little Density….

Thur March 28,2013: Density Workout!
My workout will be short today….lots of golf this weekend…gotta pace myself!

Do the following exercises for 15 min. Go thru this w/out resting…if possible. Use a nice effecient pace…
1. Bw Squat-8
2. Push up-6
3. High Knee to opposite Elbow-10
4. DB Rows-8ea side
5. Walking Lunge-6 per leg
6. Mt Climb-10
7. Jab-Punch-10 ea side

For me…I’ll do all of these lightly…touching all body parts…loosening up for my round of golf. For the rest of you…To make this harder add reps, weight, and/or increase the time to 20 min.

Do it….and have a great day!

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