Take Action…

Wed Mar 27,2013:
Let’s get up and change your life today. Stop thinking and start doing. Everyday is a gift. If you are overweight, out of shape, unfit, eat fast food, feel tired all the time, look terrible in your clothes, make excuses all the time, blame having babies for why you are overweight…I can add more to this list…if any of these describe you… and you want to be the opposite of all the above…then CHANGE! Stop being miserable…and just friggin CHANGE. I know the ability is inside of all of you…
I can go to a mall, a resteraunt, an office, almost anywhere and just watch people. I’ll wonder why do they just let themselves go? I just don’t get it…it’s their health. The most important thing we have is our health. For most people you’re life span will be cut short. Time wth your family will be cut short. By the time you retire after working so hard…your time here on earth will be cut short.
I write this stuff not to preach or teach…just hoping to reach some of you in hopes you’ll take that step to change.
It’s my duty as a health care professional to just keep spreading the word of health.
Read this blog, other blogs, the internet, facebook, watch the Biggest Loser,…just take action. Get motivated. Quit be miserable and just MOVE That Body!!
Gotta go now…I’m on the way to the gym for my workout and I will feel great afterwards and I’ll have a great day! Hoping all of you do the same!

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