Let’s Get Re-Focused

Sat 3/23/13: Going to the Color Me Rad 5k this morning to get photos for the Training Room….hoping the rain holds off. Some Awsome Basketball games yesterday. Quite a few upsets. Congrats to those Ole Miss Rebels for upsetting Wisconsin!!!!!
Seems like everyone has been pretty quite in the fitness blogging arena. We’re just about thru w/ one-fourth of 2013. Let’s really get focused for April. Look at what you have done in the first 3 months. Spring is just about here and I sense some people are slacking on their fitness. Life gets real busy once the warm weather arrives…lots of distractions. Happens to me also. We can not let our workouts and eating habits slip. Lets get to posting, being accountable, inspiring to others. I go to a gym everyday, read health and fitness everyday, but having a blog and following other blogs are the highlight of the day. I get a lot of energy from a lot of you…from the ones who know what they’re doing to the ones who struggle…especially the ones who struggle. I want you to succeed and have a healthy life.
Enough for now..Let’s get busy!

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