Big 10 Circuit

Tue Mar 19.2013: Morning! Let’s Workout!!
Warm up and lightly stretch first.
Circuit: Jog in place-30 sec
Plank- 30 sec
Walking Lunges-30 sec
Some type of row-30 sec ea side
Skater Hops-30 sec
Shoulder Press-30 sec ea side
Bw Plie Squat-30 sec
Push ups- 30 sec
Front/Side Kicks-30 sec ea side
Jab/Punch-30 sec ea side

There ya go…10 good exercises to woek that whole body. If once is enough…great. For fitter individuals do up to 3x.
Push yourselves…eat a good breakfast w/ protein and some carbs to replenish. Cool down and lightly stretch.
Choose to have a great day today!

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