Having a Routine!

Mon Mar 18,2013: Ok, the first big spring party is over. Here in Ms. we had perfect warm sunny weather w/ a big ole St. Patty’s Parade. I know a lot of people got side tracked w/ their food and exercise regimin! I did also. I did not go to parade and I don’t drink…but I did have some events to attend which got me out of my routine. I am such a routine person! Good news for me is…I know this. Not gonna stay off track or anything like that. I’m up blogging w/ my coffee. Then off to the gym and my routine will continue. Having a routine keeps me balanced and somewhat methodical. As long as I stick to it…I can get alot accomplished. Even though I had a lot of fun this weekend…I was somewhat off balance cause everything was different. For those of you who just get up everyday with no plan or no structure….try implementing a plan, an order to the day. If you can make it a habit life gets a little easier. Let’s get out there and have a great Monday!

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