Thur March 14: Morning everyone! I am taking the day off at work today…GOLF TOURNAMENT! Playing in a ST. Patrick Day tournament. So, that will be fun. I’ve been busy at work, the gym, and Beachbody…I just needed a day off to stop thinking and have a little fun. Of course, for those of you who know much about golf…it can cause a lot of stree!! I will go to the gym this morning and train my client and get some good stretching in before I tee off. My back has really been bothering me lately. Got adjusted yesterday 2x…gonna focus on keeping my hip flexor stretched out. Dr. C. seems to think that tight hip flexor is affecting my back. Isometric stretching! I need to make that a blog topic. I’m gonna do the streteches a few weeks then post what I learn.
Everyone have a great day today!!! Wish me luck!

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