Wed March 13,2013: Today I’ll talk about the benfits of massage. A lot of people think of massage as a luxgury item. In some instances it could be. Massage therapy to me is an absolute necessity. I was at my local YMCA some 20 years ago for my daily workout and volleyball practice. I met a lady there one day named Connie Shanks. She had just gotten a small space in the ladies dressing room to do massages. I wanted a massage because I had never had one…but I couldn’t really afford one at that time in my life. Connie offered to give me one. She said, I could just pay what I could afford. I was an athlete with some back issues. After that first massage I was hooked. I just didn’t know how much my muscles, tendons, joints etc. needed to be touched after all the stresses I put in thru. I mean she “works” deeply on those muscles…increases blood flow…get oxygen into the tissue…helps the muscles heal. She let me keep coming back paying here only what I could afford. Every two weeks I would show up with my little bit of money. She never short changed me either on the quality of care I recieved because I couldn’t pay as much.
Here I am at least 20 years later…I saw Connie Last night. She worked me in because I was hurting and have a golf tournament Thursday. I mean she worked and worked legs, neck, QL muscle. I have gone to her 2x a month for over twenty years. I really credit Connie so much for keeping me so active. Between sports, personal training, my job at the dentist office, and everyday life…Connie has been a life saver and keep my body healthy. She has a succesful business and I have sent he so many clients thru the years. All because of her kindness and willingness to accept what I could afford…that first massage has turned into a wonderful friendship and business relationship. She truly has a gift in those hands of hers.
I strongly suggest get at least a monthly massage…you just won’t understand the benefits unless you do it. Be kind to your body.

One response to “Massage

  1. Stevey is completely right! I have been going to Connie for the part several years and she is awesome! Massage is definitely a great health benefit. It is amazing how your muscles respond to it. Just try it!!


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