Who Looked in the Mirror?

3/11/13… I’m home for lunch looking and facebook and my blog. Just wondering who read this mornings blog and thought to themselves….that is me. Still saying I’m want to lose weight, look better, get in shape….but never make that decision to do something about it. The decision is the first step that must be taken. Who out there is thinking about it? Who out there needs a little push? Who out there is miserable with themselves? Go back and look in that mirror again… Let me know when your ready. Let your local gym, or trainer know. Let some of these other health and fitness bloggers know. We want you to succeed! I feel it is my responsibility to put down things in this blog to make you stop and say….she is so right. I need to do something…there is help everywhere. That is why I blog. That is why I share other blogs and reciepie’s. That is why I support beachbody products. I love to train my clients here in Ms. Join in and let’s make the world a healthier place.

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