Sun 3/10/13– Daylight savings time is here! Yes! I’ve been up reading some blogs looking for stories of people starting out on their fitness journey’s. The most inspiring to me are the newbie’s with the weight issues. I can feel their struggles as they write… For all of the new people out there that have started out on the path to a healthier lifestyle…never give up. First, set realistic goals. If you have never exercised start out carefully… even if it’s just walking. If you are really overweight… walking may be the safest thing to start out with. Hire a trainer…at least to show you some basics ant the proper form. Work on that for a couple weeks..then see them again to get a few more exercises. I call it taking lessons. As for the food… one meal at a time. It is gonna take time for the weight to come off. One meal at a time!!! My rule of thumb… always have a protein item in the meal. This will help sedate the cravings. Don’t be afraid of carbs…they are your energy. If your exercising daily…you need the fuel. Try to get majority of your carbs in by mid afternoon. In the evening, eat as early as possibe…then shut her down for the day. I try to keep my evening meal on the lighter side. Have a couple of snacks thru the day….healthy snacks…fruit, handful of almonds, teaspoon of peanut butter on an apple, etc…you know what I mean. It’s ok even to sub a meal replacement shake in for a meal…especially if you are extremely overweight. There are several out there…of course I support SHAKEOLOGY.
Thirdly, go to your blog everyday and report your workout. The blog is you journal…for those of us who care can see. We all want to help you, encourage you, push you…whatever we gotta do to help. You have to do the work…and it is WORK!
Get on board…do it for yourself…you are worth feeling good about yourself!!
Let’s go Newbie’s…

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