March P90X Sale Pack…With Shakeology Included

March 9,2013: For the month of March P90X is on sale. If you have ever thought of getting it off of TV Info-mercial don’t. Contact You can get P90X,P90x2 and 1 month of shakeology. Even if your not ready to start you’ll have it and the next program at a discount. Plus, you’ll get to try shakeology. They make great gifts also. If you have someone who loves going to the gym…this is a nice change up. You can do the workouts a home or take your lap top to the gym. You only need a small space. Contact me on beachbody site or here in the training room.
If your more of a beginner…there a great sale programs for you also. Two programs…plus 1 month of shakeology. Be good to yourself and get started. These programs work. I have done some of them and your body will change.

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