Beach Body Coaching?

Sat Mar 2,2013: Morning Everyone! I need a little help/advice with something. As all of those who read my blog should know I live fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I love sharing what I learn and know with all the readers. That’s why I write most everyday and read other great material from my fellow fitness bloggers. I’m thinking about becoming a beachbody coach? Who out there knows much about this? I am a fan of some beachbody workout products. I have done several products in the past and was a huge fan of P90X. Becoming a coach means selling a product, motivating the buyers thru the program, and a minimal investment fee. Who all out there has thought about doing a beach body program? Their info–mercial for P90x and insanity is always on TV. Just curious to know who all watches those commercials and wants to buy the program…and never does thinking it will be too hard or you can’t do it. This way, I would be your virtual coach. We would communicate thru FB, e-mail, etc…getting motivation,instruction, modifications. Thanks for listening and any feedback or experience will be quite helpful.

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