Sat 3/30/13:
I don’t usually blog in the middle of the day. I have been off work since Thur, so I have done pretty much all the things that I need to do. Fixing to watch some basketball games and tv shows I have recorded. Also, gotta work on my schd for next way. It’s been nice to be off…needed a break, had a great birthday w/ my friends, played some decent golf. Just nice to take a minute and reflect on things…look at your life, where your at it life, and where can I go from here?
Hopefully…lots of good things are in the future. I’ll just keep doing what I ‘m doing and pass it on to others…at the end of the day that’s all you can do.
Gotta go I’m taking Marquette over Syracuse.


Fri Mar 29.2013:
Today, is my 2nd day to be 55 yrs old. On my to do list for today is DECIDE COMMIT SUCCEED. Being one more year older I’m even more motivated to keep working on my fitness level, eating habits, healthy lifestyle. I’m even MORE motivated to help those who struggle in any of these areas. I’m very blessed with good health and doing what I do comes very easy for me. I really do walk the walk….
Just DECIDE to COMMIT to yourself…If your’re reading this blog…you must be somewhat interested? Jump on board! Join me in THE TRAINING ROOM GROUP on My facebook page. Also, if your interested in BEACHBODY products contact me at
Don’t wait…Do this Today…It will change you life!

A Little Density….

Thur March 28,2013: Density Workout!
My workout will be short today….lots of golf this weekend…gotta pace myself!

Do the following exercises for 15 min. Go thru this w/out resting…if possible. Use a nice effecient pace…
1. Bw Squat-8
2. Push up-6
3. High Knee to opposite Elbow-10
4. DB Rows-8ea side
5. Walking Lunge-6 per leg
6. Mt Climb-10
7. Jab-Punch-10 ea side

For me…I’ll do all of these lightly…touching all body parts…loosening up for my round of golf. For the rest of you…To make this harder add reps, weight, and/or increase the time to 20 min.

Do it….and have a great day!

Did I say 4 days of golf? Yes I Did!!!!

Thur March 28,2013: Another new day is here…Get out there and do something to make the world a better place. Get out there and do something to make you a better person…do that and the world will be a better place!

I’m fixing to get some kind of workout on…train a few folks…then some golf for 4 days straight!!! I’m sure I will be at the chiropractor bright and early Monday morning….but that’s ok. Just gotta do what I love to do…working out and golf!!

Have a great day everyone…hopefully I’ll have some good scores to report. Yall have fun at the office….

Take Action…

Wed Mar 27,2013:
Let’s get up and change your life today. Stop thinking and start doing. Everyday is a gift. If you are overweight, out of shape, unfit, eat fast food, feel tired all the time, look terrible in your clothes, make excuses all the time, blame having babies for why you are overweight…I can add more to this list…if any of these describe you… and you want to be the opposite of all the above…then CHANGE! Stop being miserable…and just friggin CHANGE. I know the ability is inside of all of you…
I can go to a mall, a resteraunt, an office, almost anywhere and just watch people. I’ll wonder why do they just let themselves go? I just don’t get it…it’s their health. The most important thing we have is our health. For most people you’re life span will be cut short. Time wth your family will be cut short. By the time you retire after working so hard…your time here on earth will be cut short.
I write this stuff not to preach or teach…just hoping to reach some of you in hopes you’ll take that step to change.
It’s my duty as a health care professional to just keep spreading the word of health.
Read this blog, other blogs, the internet, facebook, watch the Biggest Loser,…just take action. Get motivated. Quit be miserable and just MOVE That Body!!
Gotta go now…I’m on the way to the gym for my workout and I will feel great afterwards and I’ll have a great day! Hoping all of you do the same!

Who has the next “BIG” idea?

Tue March 26,2013: Here we go. Let’s do what needs to be done! I really want everyone to find a fitness program that works for you. Let me know what I can do to help… If you don’t speak I can’t hear. Maybe some of my fellow fitness guru’s and bloggers have ideas where we can ban together and create something new and unique to help make the world a fitter and healthier place. I just know there is something “big” other there we can start …
Anyway, I’m just in my head thinking this morning…gotta get ready for the day


Mon.3/25/13: Don’t forget this is the last week to purchase P90X w/ Shakeology[1 mo supply] on sale. Total cost should be 180.00 plus tax for both together. So, if you have been on the fence about either product…now is the time to purchase while on sale. P90X, is an awesome workout program that works…if you’ll commit to push play everyday. Shakeology, is a meal replacement shake that will give you all the vitamins,antioxidents,probiotitcs,protein you could possibly get in a meal. Just letting you know the sale ends March 31st. Anyone, interested and ready to change their lifestyle as well as their life contacy me on this blog, e mail or at BRING IT!

Exercise and Post….We’re In This Together!

Mon,3/25/13: Let’s Exercise!
Stretch and Warm up first.
Group 1: Sumo Squat-8 reps ea side
Fake Jump Rope-15 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 2: Triple Stop Push Up- 10 reps
Skater Hops-16 reps[8 per side]
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 3: Lat Pull Down-15 reps
Jump Jack-10 reps
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

Group 4: Reverse Lunge w/ Front Punch Kick- 8 per side
Mt Climb-10 per side
Rest up to 30 sec. Repeat 2x

RE-FOCUS!!! Get w/ the program! Move that body! Have a great Monday……

Make Adjustments…Let’s Live the Life!

Mon. 3/25/13: Alright everybody!!!!! Let’s go. Last week of March…Easter Weekend- usually means some xtra calories taken in. Let’s Prepare!
My last post was about evaluating where you are right now in your fitness program. Are you working out consistently? Are you making better food choices consistently? Are you getting enough rest? Do you read about fitness,workouts,healthy recipies, etc? There is so much info out there to help you and motivate you. If your’re not doing so well…start over. This is not rocket science…it’s all about choosing to change bad habits. For me, it’s a way of life…I’m fit, and healthy. I take no meds…have a good body weight,blood pressure,resting heart rate, etc….because I work at it! I wish this for everyone out there too. I live in Mississippi…the most obese state in the U.S. Do you realize how many people that is? It’s an uphill battle here…I will continue to help those who want to be helped. Life is so much easier when you are healthy!
So, please…do it for yourself. Take a look at where you are right now…make adjustments, ask for help, start reading and learning, join a gym, get a trainer, buy a home program…move that body. Moving the body is a requirement. Let’s do this together…there is still a lot of life to live!