Let’s Hear From Some Newbie’s

Thur 2/28/13: Yea last day of the month! March starts tommorrow!!! To me, that means Spring, time change, daylight, golf,my vegetable garden…etc…and so much more. How is everyone doing with their fitness regimen? It doesn’t matter how advance or how simple it is…as long as you are moving that body. I periodically ask how everything is going, are there questions, whose struggling and so forth. It seems to me most response comes from those who are doing great and love working out. I love hearing from all these guys and have started building relationships with them. I would really love to hear from some people who are struggling. The ones who have trouble making themselves go to the gym,do a workout,make bad food choices,etc. I know there are some of you out there. I want you to be successful with your fitness journey. Learning to talk about your struggles is the best way to get encouragement from others. People who can break thru their weight,fitness,and health struggles are ss inspiring to me. So, get on board and let’s all work together on attaining a healthy lifestyle! Choose to have a great day today!

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