My Life: Fitness and Golf

Tue Feb26,2013: Good morning fitness people. Having that cup of coffee I have to have every morning. Haven’t been writing a much as I should. I’m on here reading so much good material from all my blogging fitness friends….i’m worn out.
Well, we’re just about thru with Feb. I’m so ready for March to be here. March has always meant Springtime is here for me.
The time changes March 10th I believe….thank goodness. Haven’t played any golf because it has done nothing but rain here in Mississippi. How many blogging golfers out there? I would like to hear from you. Once the season cranks up I’ll write about golf a lot. I’ll still be writing about fitness and sharing what I learn from others….but I love me some Golf! I will be going to the Masters in April…YES!
Well, finished with the coffee. Time to get ready for the gym. I’ll post a quick workout before I leave. No matter what’s going on in youf life…good, bad, happy,or sad…take the time to exercise and eat right. There is no better medicine. There is no better life than to be fit, have energy, and just plain feel good. It just makes dealing with life so much easier. Have a great day everyone! We all DESERVE it!

4 responses to “My Life: Fitness and Golf

  1. I used to play a ton of golf, but have only played once in the last 4 years now. Was the one thing I cut out (I do a lot) when I had the kid. So much fun, someday I’m sure I’ll get back to it. Definitely a great game!


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