Kemme Fitness

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Medicine Ball, Physioball
10 Inchworms
10 Frog Jumps
20 Superman Push-ups
20 Squat Jumps  
30 Leg Raises
30 Burpees
40 Medicine Ball V-sit Twists
40 Medicine Ball Lunge Twists (20 each side)
50 seconds Physioball Bridge
50 seconds Physioball Balance
30 seconds each 
Tarantula Walk
Crab Walk (or Duck Walk)
20 – each side – Physioball 1 Leg Sit-ups
20 Physioball Wall Rolls
40 Mountain Climbers
40 Rowboats
10 seconds each
Snake Sidle left
Snake Sidle right
Ape Step
Alligator Walk
All together (many rounds as we can do as fast as possible)
5 Push ups (Psycho or Spiderman)                        
6 Dips
7 Burpees                                                   
8 Box Jumps
9 Air Squats

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