Freakin Friday Finally!!!

Fri 2/22/13: What a long week!! Busy at the dental office all week plus some training. So ready for springtime and be able to be outside more. Here in Mississippi this winter all we have had is rain,rain and more rain. It’s not that cold just always wet! The time changes March 10th…looking forward to that! Plans for this weekend: Well, I do have a few clients this weekend, so I will be at the gym some. Going to try a get a tomato and red pepper plant planted in a pot. It’s a little early, but I want to start.. I can move them in if it gets to cold or wet. Who all keeps a garden up thru the summer? I pretty much stick to tomatoes, bell pepper,cucumbers,jalepeno! Of course, cooking for next week. Already have a salmon marinating. I’ll do veggies as always. Baked spagetti squash w/ a spinach-tomatoe sauce on top. A friend turned me onto that…AWSOME! Maybe I can get a golf lesson in also! That’s pretty much what’s going on with me. Gonna post a workout in a minute. Everyone keep posting all these great blogs and let’s keep working at making the world a healthier place!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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