Fri Feb 22,2013: LET’S GET IT ON!!!!
Warm up: Jog in place- 20 sec
Inch Worm- 20 sec
BW Squats-20 sec
Push up-20 sec
Arm Swings-20 sec
Stick up-20 sec
Take a min to gently stretch ham and quad. Repeat warm up if needed.

Do this circuit for 15 min as many times as possible. PUSH YOURSELF!
Skater Hops-6x back and forth
Push up – Into a Row at the Top-6x
Jump Jack-6x
Alternating Diag. Lunge-6/ea side
X-Body Mt. Climb-6/ea side
Rest 2 min.

Total Body Ext- 30 sec…Rest 30 sec…..Repeat 5x

As always…modify what you need to modify. Subsitute what you like. Always be safe.
Now that you have the blood moving thru the veins at a nice pace…Have some fun this weekend!!!

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