Is it ok to take a break?

Tue Feb 19,2013: My back is doing much better. Got a easier style workout in yesterday. Always have to ease back into it. I guess today I’ll just re-emphasize listening to you body. As awsome as working out is for your well being… it still put a lot of demands on your body. If your knew to working out start out slowly….if you get so sore its painful to walk, you will not want to continue. Pace yourself. It’s always best to hire a trainer and at least get them to show you how to do the basic exercises. Like taking lessons. For those more experienced and who love working out…sometimes we just go at it to hard. It’s like pulling teeth to get us to take a day off. Mix those workouts up. Do plenty of interval training style…but throw in just straight weight lifting, stretching class, spin, yoga, etc. Don’t be afraid to take a day or 2 off. If you,ve been working out 8 weeks or so really hard… it’s good to take 3-5 days off to let muscles and tissue repair and heal. Come back with a fresh, rested body ready to kill it.
Anyway, hope everyone is working hard at their fitness program. We are at that 8 week mark of the new year. If your fading somewhat…. take a small break and come back with a vengence to complete your goal.

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