Its a NEW DAY…..

Mon Feb 18,2013: A new day is here. A new day of choices. Choose to start your day off with a good attitude. Take a moment when to awaken or while you have that cup of coffee to appreciate what you have and where you are in life. I really do this most mornings. If you are fortunate to be healthy put top dollar value on that! Choose to get out of that bed and take a walk. It’s good exercise plus good “think” time. Choose to go to the gym and pump a few weights, take a cardio class, a pilates class. Choose to put that P90X dvd in. YOGA…Talk about a big ole morning stretch! Call a friend and have them meet you… Exercise makes you feel better, makes you feel alive, helps you get that good “attitude. There is no reason… NONE…to not make exercise part of your day. Here’s to you making a good choice and having a great day today! Let’s get out there and rule the day.

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