Mon Feb 18,2013: For those who haven’t started an exercise program… it’s not to late. You can start any day you make up your mind. Everyday is a new day in which we can start over with anything we choose. Hoping to get a newbie going today!
Warm up: arm swings-20 sec
body weight squats-20 sec
stick ups-20 sec
jog in place- 20 sec
Repeat 2x
Group 1: hip extensions- 20 sec
plank-20 sec
Rest 30 sec if needed…Repeat 2x
Group 2: modified push-ups-20sec
standing mt climber-20 sec
Rest 30 sec… Repeat2x
Group 3: Bird Dog- 5 on ea side
BW squat- 20 sec.
Rest 30 sec… Repeat 2x
There you go…your first day on to a healthier life. If you don’t know what something is…ask,google it, or substitute something else in.

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