Mon Feb 11,2013:  Warm up: 10 BW Squats, 10 Jump Jack, 10 Push Ups, 10 planks.  Repaeat 2 times.

Group 1: DB Chest press- 8 reps [med-heavy]

Front Loaded Forward Lunge- 8 rep per leg

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x.

Group2: Stability Ball Leg Curl- 10 reps

Mt Climb- 10 reps ea side

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x

Group 3: DB Piston Row-8 reps [med weight…be careful w/ form on this one]

Total Body Ext.- 10 reps

If you don’t know an exercise substitute something else.  Modify what you need to.  If to easy…an 20-30 sec of planks into each group.  If to hard…lighten the weights up.  Go do your workout!

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