Sat. Feb 9,2013:  Up Up Up already.  Been up awhile actually.  Fixing to get out of this bed after I write this.  Have gotten alot accomplished since yesterday.  Let’s see haircut, my 15 year old sweet chiuahuah had her physical yesterday…she’s perfect.  Teeth cleaning next Friday for her.  Taxes to the tax place.  Groceries for the coming week bought.   Today,  I have a client at gym…we’ll workout together.  Practice my putting.  Cook for the week… DONE!

I’m one of those who like to be organized and kind of plan everthing out.  It helps me feel “put together.”  I’m not anal about it…trust me, if I don’t want to do something I won’t.  Just being organized…helps me focus and be calm.  Being calm is good for anyone….helps the mind and the muscles to relax.

For those of you who run around all day long feeling overwhelmed and like you just have to much to do and can never get caught up…..STOP!  That feeling is not “healthy” for you.  Start being a planner…an organizer… some things can wait.  Everything does not have to be done now!  Learn to write things down…write lists…learn to delegate tasks out.  There is enough time in the day to do what has to be done…. calm yourself and start organizing.

Have a great Sat. Hope all those in the North East get thru this awful winter storm!  Hopefully, yall planned for what your about to go thru… Be Safe!

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