Thursday Heart Thumper

Warm Up:  jog in place- 30 sec., pushup-6 reps, arm crosses- 30 sec., BW squats- 8 reps, stick ups- 8 reps.  Repeat 2x.

Circuit 1: Narrow Stance Squat-30 sec., T Push up- 30 sec., Run in Place- 30 sec., Alternating Reverse Lunge- 30 sec., Mt Climb-30 sec., Total Body extension-30 sec.  Rest up to 1 min. Repeat 2x.

Circuit 2:  Lunge Jumps or Split Squats{for bad knee people} 5 per side

Burpee or modified Burpee- 5 rep

Alternating BW Chops – 5 per side

Triple Stop Push Up -5 reps

Jumping Jacks -5 reps

Do the above circuit as many times as you can for 10 min.  If you need to stop please do so.  Just move around until you can jump back in.


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