Let’s get that Superbowl Food Worked Off

Mon Feb 4,2013:  Warm Up:  wood chops-15 per side, off set push up-8 per side, stability ball leg curl-15 rep, stick ups-15 rep.  Repeat 2x.

Group 1: Chest Press-8 reps.{fairly heavy}, DB Row-10 reps per side{fairly heavy}. Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 2: Chin up-6 reps {use an assist machine or chair if needed}, DB 1 arm shoulder press- 8 per side {med heavy weight} Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 3: Push ups-15 reps, Inverted Rows-15 reps. Rest 1 min Repeat 2x.

Group 4: Kettle bell/DB swings – 30 sec, Jump Jacks-30 sec.  Rest 1 min Repeat 4 more times.

If you don’t know an exercise google it.or substitue it.  This is a tough workout, you’ll have to have access to some weights.  Inverted rows are a back exercise…so if you sub for it do a back exercise.  The reps are low on some things so get that weight on the heavier side.

For those who don’t have access to weights or a gym….do one of the other work outs that have been previously posted…or do a video, or follow along on tv w/ a workout channel, go online and find something, just do something!


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